artist statement

craig roffler art studio desk

Nobody will see my art as I do…

As a self-taught artist who lives in the coastal Washington area, I find inspiration from all facets of life. From the inner city to the forests and estuaries of the coast and on to the farthest reaches of the mind, I am always searching for that next idea, the image that will spark the emotions and make the viewer think. Some of the artist who influenced my early endeavors is Magritte, Max, Dali, and Bonestell.

…each will see what they want.

I’m compelled to tell a story, not just my own, but also one that the viewers can take a hold of to create a personal narrative, interpreting it according to their own experiences and memories.I compose the painting in my mind before lifting a pencil or brush. A struggle ensues and I wrestle with ideas and images; I fight to develop the composition, building up and tearing down until I strip the design to the essentials. This additive and subtractive process is dynamic, continuing through the whole process, creating solid composition and a compelling subject that transmits the seminal vision that first struck me.

Driven by desire to express my vision to others, I taught myself to paint the emotion behind the subject, to reflect the inner image. I push myself on every artwork never allowing myself to say ‘that’s good enough’

My art is an extension of life experiences, a need to reveal, expose and analyze emotions, experiences and memories buried in the psyche. Just as life has passion and desperation – joy and angst, my hope is to convey this spectrum of human emotion through art.

Why this need to express ourselves? It’s like dreaming, we don’t know why we do it, we just do.

2009 Public Spaces, Aberdeen WA – solo exhibition

2010/2011 Ocean Shores Associated Arts Show

9/2011 Art Works – Artist of Western Washington exhibition – Grays Harbor College

11/2011 flux/flight/flow – shore birds and estuaries show Six Rivers Gallery

10/2012 Ocean Shores Jazz on the Beach Festival poster